Jessica – do you know how much I love you?

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Jessica, do you know how much I love you. Your small, full breasts, shaking in my hands, sensitive nipples, bouncing up and down with the tip of my tongue. I hugged you deeply, so hard, as if to squeeze you into my body. Your fragrant, dark hair gently tickles my body. I kissed you 馃拫 with a tingling pain on the tip of my tongue, but mixed with the thrill of excitement.

Turning, caressing, circling, your teeth. Hot lips open slightly, and our lips intertwine, sucking hard. The pulp flows, falling into each other’s mouths. Your warm pussy, moving up and down with regularity, opening, and closing, sucking and tightening and spitting.

I match your rhythm and gently moving up and down as well. Your pussy and rod fit so well together that they seem to melt into one. As my solid rod thrusts, the nourishing sound of our secreted lubrication, and the sound of your lips snapping against the lips of my thighs, are a testimony to our unity. Ah, how wonderful.

Your eyes were silky, and you were looking softly as we gazed into each other’s eyes, knowing that the other was about to reach orgasm. You lick and touch my nipple while rubbing the other one with your hand, and I let out a short, low growl of pleasure.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, little one. I hold up your ass with my hand and you seem a little overwhelmed as I smile lightly at the corners of my mouth and my lips give you a heavy kiss on your lips, haha, you seem a little riled up. I turned you over, your hands supported on the top of the sofa, legs slightly apart, revealing a tender and juicy honey hole.

I playfully rubbed my meat stick up and down your honey hole without entering it. You shook your pink breasts with your hands, while I suddenly turned and pounded my meat stick straight into the round and tight asshole. The head of the penis touches a violent tightness, and then it’s as if you’re in another world: the ripples of the rectum surround my dragon root, and that tight virgin ground presses against the head.

You close your eyes tightly and revel in it. I thrust back and forth, pulling out my rod with a zipping sound, and you relaxed, adjusting to a more comfortable position, waiting for my entry. I turn your head around to my rod. You expertly held the root in one hand, stroked my balls with the other, and opened your lips wide to take in my huge rod.

I lay back comfortably because I know you are the one who knows my rod best. One moment you take in just the penis, your lips rubbing hard while your tongue wraps around and sucks; the next moment you take in all of it so that it is at the top of your throat.

Ah, how sensitive the glans is, with every cell carefully wrapped around it. Or lips and tongue moving, or fingers moving, touching your head to regulate the frequency, the joy of this, straight to teach the immortals to envy also. The last thing you want to do is to lie down on the sofa with your hands on your pussy, as if to say, “Honey, come on in, I can’t wait. I inserted my fingers first, and you let out a little cry, while jerking my rod with your hand.

I stopped moving my hand and inserted my rod, and you let out a satisfied moaning. I lift your legs and push hard and fast, and we’re both in the zone. I smell your body, and you rub your breasts hard with your hands. Your nectar twitches and I understand that I’m about to come, too. I dropped your legs, they tightened around my waist, and I held you tightly.

At this point we seem to melt into one, the speed of the rod accelerates further, and your hips match mine with force. Almost there, almost there! I gazed into your eyes and got an affirmative answer. Crashing and splashing. Hot fluid spurts out and into your womb. Pussy, rod, twitching, merging. Ahhhh. You snuggle blissfully against my chest as I gently stroke your hair. Looking into each other’s eyes, they are filled with an intense love for each other. “I love you.” “I love you too.”