An overview of the live webcam providers used.

Do you have a website or are you able to send many visitors to live webcam sites? Do you want to be engaged in this work full-time like me? Read on. It applies to both webmasters and webcam models. The only difference is that webcam models do not have to send visitors.

Since 2004, I have been involved in adult marketing. Webcam sites, adult tubes and TGP, and erotic stories. Webcam has worked best for me along with erotic stories. Thumbnail Gallery Post is minimal and adult tubes gives lots of free viewers who are not all interested in erotic contact with men, women and shemales. Furthermore, I have a number of dating sites that deliver.

Obviously you get the best results with men, women and shemales (especially the Asian ladyboys are delicious) who are interested in live erotic contact with people. For webmasters this is already quite a task, besides being good at SEO, internet marketing building websites: HTML and PHP, database and content creation. How much you will earn depends a lot on how good you are in these things. I can start telling jubilant stories, promising you mountains of money and showing pretty pictures.  But one picture says it all.

Building websites is a lot easier with templates. Creating content is already a lot harder, how are you going to do that. 

Are you good at writing stories or writing reviews? Another option is if you already have many followers on Twitter or other social media. Another method used is to create an adult tube, best done with niche tubes. 

Things to avoid.  I'll save you time and frustration.

  • Too many sites with too little attention and therefore no search engine visitors. Speaks for itself? They all require server capacity and maintenance and bring in low revenue.

  • Use of brand names in your domain name. Waste of your time, when your site is small it doesn't catch the eye. Once it does much better you will automatically get a mail to transfer the domain name. There goes your time and money.

  • Using model photos in conjunction with the model name. There will be DMCA and emails from webcam sponsors to remove the image. And that is the prudent course, a temporary closure of the webmaster account is quite possible. There goes your time and money.

  • Spamming, hacking and model blackmail is of course totally a no-go and punishable.

Okay, let's sign up and get started, it cost you nothing. All beginnings are difficult, and start small. The webcam sites below work best for me, have lots of promotion tools and XML feeds for database import.

Webcam models can go directly to There are tips described there as well. 

If you have questions about modeling, webcamscripts, tube scripts, hosting or domain names you can get in touch through the contact page. I'll be happy to give you a push in the right direction.